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The Special Needs and Abilities Preschool (SNAP) Program is seeking COMMUNITY BUDDIES.

In our classroom, your child will experience a wonderful early childhood educational opportunity, full of rich learning situations, facilitated by an early childhood special education teacher.  You will find stimulating classrooms, equipped with colorful, multi-sensory toys and materials.  There are weekly themes and projects, and each day’s schedule allows for a language enriched circle time, teacher-directed small and large group activities, and opportunities for pretend play, music, art projects, and movement activities.  Our focus is developing each student’s language, pre-academic, motor, and social development by teaching to the Early Childhood Foundations of the Indiana Academic Standards.

Your child’s socialization opportunities will also be enriched by a setting, which allows interactions with children with special needs, which may include those with delays in cognitive, physical, and/or social developmental areas.  We believe that all students, both those with and without disabilities benefit from this type of setting.  Additionally, we believe this communicates the valuable message that individual differences are to be embraced and respected.  This philosophy is easier to accept when offered at an early age and in a fun-filled stimulating environment.

Who is eligible to be a Community Buddy?

All children interested in being a Community Buddy will be screened prior to acceptance as a Buddy.  This will consist of speech/language, developmental, and behavioral screening.  Selected community buddies will be accepted on a preliminary basis and will be invited to attend classes for one to two weeks to determine if the placement is appropriate.

Is there a fee?

Yes.  The tuition will be dependent upon the number of days the student is enrolled (2, 3, or 5 days).  Tuition payments are expected either per month, semester, or year.

There will be no refunds for days absent.  If tuition payment is more than 30 days late, please make arrangements with your child’s teacher or the SNAP coordinator. 

SNAP Coordinator: Cheryl Ake (574-283-8212)