Most of these samples have been prepared by Support Team members using Demo Students. (The age and grade level may not be consistent because of this)

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iconDemo 1 is a generic IEP written with instructions on how to fill out each text box. It has notes on it to show you where to put information, and which tabs to use. No specific level or disability. Includes a Notice of CC.


iconDemo 9 is another generic IEP written for instruction for SLPs for a speech only student. Instead of filling in actual student information, each field contains comments on what should go into the box.


iconDemo 2 is a 6th grader, Primary disability is MiMH, secondary OI and SI. She is not up for re-evaluation, has a CAT eval and is included in GE for much of the day. She receives a high level of service due to her physical needs. She is on a diploma track.


iconDemo 11 will be in 12th grade and on the diploma track.  HIs primary disability is SLD.  Consult services are provided.


iconDemo 12 is a primary BEST student. He is in the 3rd grade, EH primary, SI secondary. Were this an actual IEP, a BIP would be attached.


iconDemo 13 is a 4th grader female with ASD. She is included in General Ed. for academics, gets direct service from the SLP and consultation from the Autism Consultant. She also has Spec. Ed. transportation.


iconDemo 16 is a 6th grade student going into 7th grade with SLD  in  Reading Fluency and Math Calculation. He is receiving services in Language Arts  in an inclusionary setting with some social adjustment  goals to help support student  int the gen ed classes .  He does wear classes and takes meds as written in the written notes section.


iconDemo 20 is an initial (possible LD) high school student in the 9th grade.  The student is on diploma track with no BSP. Her goals are all tied to attending school, completing homework, and passing her classes.


iconDemo 22 is a high school life skills student. He follows the typical LS curriculum. Special Ed transportation, no retesting. (Revised 1/9/09)


iconDemo 24 is an incoming 11th-grader. He has autism as primary disability and speech/language as a secondary disability.  He's on certificate track, but does well in hands-on classes (construction processes) in general ed.  His only related service is autism consultation, and he has a BIP.


iconDemo 25 is a third grader with SLD. She receives support in the GE classroom for 90 minutes/day. She is not up for reevaluation. Revised 10/25/2009


iconSNAPer is a 3 year old student who is going into a Buddies class next year. He has Autism as primary disability, and Speech/Language secondary. (Sample was developed before beginning/ending dates were given, so they are incorrect)


iconThis is a Speech Only preschool IEP that came to us from Elkhart. The student is 3 years old, and has one speech goal. His disability is LI and SI. The goal is to be evaluated using the collection of indicators.


iconDemo 49 is written as a Service Plan for students who live OUTSIDE the SBCSC district, but attend a nonpublic school within the district. The IEP is minimally filled out, but posted just to show you what a Service Plan would look like.