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Section 4: Attaching Evidence

Here is a direct quote from the state:quiz

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But what does it mean?

Again, a quote from the state:

And how do you do that?

Click here to find the instructions for uploading your evidence.

Here are some of the examples given to us by the state:

  1. Work Samples that show the student’s actual performance.
  2. Photographs that clearly show images of:
    • a work product.
    • the steps or sequences of steps, leading to a final product (for example a student arranging a pattern or sequence of objects on a table.
    • the end product of an instructional activity.
  3. Audio samples that are no more than three minutes long and clearly represent the student
    • Giving a recitation, verbal presentation, performance, or other oral activity related to the targeted skill(s).
    • Giving verbal, rather that written, responses as a routinely used instructional accommodation.
  4. IEP progress reports

Supporting documentation provides additional descriptive information on the context of the learning activity.

  • Brief narrative describing how the task or activity was conducted and/or what the student was asked to do.
  • Other evidence, including photographs showing how the student engaged in the instructional activity.

Remember taking those videos last year??

The ability to attach video has been removed from the ISTAR program. This evidence will need to be housed locally, with a supporting Content Thread cover sheet attached to the ISTAR assessment.

Is there anything else new?

YES!!! The state has given us cover sheets to be added to EACH PIECE OF EVIDENCE so that you can explain what the evidence shows. Click the link above (uploading your evidence) for links to all these cover sheets. You will be able to fill them out on your computer and upload them directly. No need to print anything out. (I know, I know, I already said this, but it bears repeating)

Before you finalize your assessment, check to make sure all of your evidence has been uploaded and attached. Click View Attachments on the final report.

quizWhen you are done, Finalize your assessment:

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If you do not finalize your assessment, your student will be reported as noncompliant in the final report.


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